Here you will find some of my continually updated compositions. You can listen to them and download them freely just link the source.

I composed this music, thinking of my friend and student Silvia, who has flown away  into another space and into another time.Whenever I think of her I picture her smile and sweetness – for example,  when she asked for help.   I also remember  her fear and anguish during her illness, 

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During this composition I imagined a state of wellbeing, lightness and suspension – well evoked by this image of a wing designed by my son, Luca.

Everything is in movement – like a single, united body of colors and forms of energy, with each sequence a fragment of the whole.  At the end  a profound sense of joy engulfs us. Download La Danza Del Risveglio  

Music to elevate the spirit. When our spiritual life blossoms, the world seems changed and illumined with meaning, deep emotion pervades our hearts, and our being vibrates in resonance with eternal spaces and places. Music accompanies our passage into these sacred places, forming a bridge between forms and the formless.  I  began

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